Pumpkins at Cox Farms. Photo by Michiko Yoon
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Virginia Fall Festival at Cox Farms

September 25, 2018

If you have kids and live in the VA/DC area, Cox Farms¬† in Centreville, VA, is the place to go for a taste of pumpkins, apples, and farm kiddie attractions. It’s one of the biggest fall festivals you can visit. There are many different¬†themed slides, farm animals to pet, a World Famous hayride, corn maze, free apple cider tastings, and (my favorite) apple cider donuts!

Our one-year-old daughter Emily didn’t know what to think of the slide or the farm animals. She loved picking out a pumpkin at the end and her own little tractor toy in the market.

When to Go

Admission prices depend on whether you go on an off-peak or peak day. We went to Cox Farms at the end of September on a weekend, which is off-peak season. At that time, we paid $15 per person online. (Kids younger than 2 years are free.)

There is a color-coded ticketbooth calendar that breaks down the admission price for the day you are considering coming to the festival. Weekdays will be cheaper than weekends, as well as off-peak times. Tickets can range from $7 to $20 per person, depending on the day you choose to visit.

You can buy your tickets online in advance or in-person at the farm. Regardless of your preferred purchasing method, pricing will reflect the type of day specified on the calendar. The advantage to buying tickets online is that the wait can be shorter for online tickets.

What to Do


There are several different themed slides for kids of all age ranges. There is a small kiddie area where toddlers can slide on their own. There is also Cox’s Mountain Slide (pictured below), a Volcano Slide, a steep Dino Slide for older children, and more.

Hay Slide at Cox Farms. Photo by Michiko Yoon.
Slide down several of the themed hay slides at Cox Farms.

The World Famous Hayride

I was really surprised at how many details the owners put into the World Famous Hayride. It felt like that we were on a theme park ride from Disneyland with fairy tale characters popping into view, interacting with the children.

Even the lady driving the tractor was part of the storytelling and acted as a narrator more than a driver. Cox Farms really thought about how to make the hayride exciting for the kids in a family-friendly way.

Hayrides at Cox Farms. Photo by Michiko Yoon
Park your stroller and take a hayride at Cox Farms. Lots of fun and surprises for the kids in this theme park adventure.
Alien at Hayride in Cox Farms. Photo by Michiko Yoon
Is that an alien that just gave a high five to people on the hayride?

Farm Animal Petting Zoo

There are goats, cows, horses, pigs, and chickens to see up close.

Goats at Cox Farms. Photo by Michiko Yoon.
Kids can pet a goat or parents can buy goat food in an ice cream cup to feed the animals.

What to Eat

One of the things that I loved about Cox Farms is that there are several different places to get food, instead of one central location. I have been to other fall festivals at different farms where there is a huge line at one food stand and you are waiting for 30 minutes or more just to pick up pizza and hot dogs. We never had a problem getting food at Cox Farms.

Food Signs at Cox Farms. Photo by Michiko Yoon
Signs pointing you to food at Cox Farms.

You must try their apple cider donuts. So flavorful and moist on the inside! It’s powdered with cinnamon sugar on the outside. So delicious.

Apple Cider Donut. Photo by Yelp
Apple Cider Donut! You must try these! Photo by Yelp.com
Apple Donuts at Cox Farms Corner Market. Photo by Yelp
You can buy apple cider donuts by the dozen. We bought three dozen for family and friends. Yum! Photo by Yelp.com

Cox Farms must love Costco and the idea of free samples. The free tastings convinced my husband to buy two half gallon jugs of apple cider. Well played, Cox Farms.

Apple Cider Tastings at Cox Farms. Photo by Yelp.com
Free apple cider tastings at Cox Farms. Photo by Yelp.com


Pick out a free pumpkin when you exit Cox Farms. One pumpkin per wristband.

Emily got really excited about picking out her pumpkin from the bins, and she wouldn’t let go of it the whole way to the car.

Overall, a great day at the farm!

Pumpkins at Cox Farms. Photo by Michiko Yoon
Pick up a free pumpkin as you leave Cox Farms.

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