Time falling away

August 23, 2017

I wonder how fast this time will slip away, with you growing so fast before me. Right now I can cradle you in my arms and hold your little body with two hands. ┬áIt won’t be long before you’ll be an teenager, and then a young adult.

Who will you be? I’m trying to make predictions of what your personality will be like even though you’re only 2 months old right now.

Current status? One serious little baby who frowns a lot and smiles in bursts at the most unexpected moment.

You look at everything carefully with a watchful eye. Everything is coming into sharper focus now, and you stare at the butterflies and flowers on the wall of your room with fascination.

I wonder what you see there. Are the colors ten times brighter when you’re a baby?

I feel incredibly blessed to have you in my life. It was a year ago today that I thought it would be hard to have a baby, full of ovulation kits and fertility treatments. That’s what the doctor said.

Life’s funny that way.





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