The Ultrasound

June 28, 2017

The thought, “Wow, I’m having a baby” didn’t really sink in until we went to the ultrasound at the radiology center. Up until that point, I knew I was pregnant but it just sort of felt like my stomach was getting a little fatter, that’s all. My brain was a bit in denial, I guess.

We had a high quality ultrasound done at a radiology center when I was 22 weeks pregnant. In the ultrasound, it’s more like a real-time movie that shows you what your baby is doing right now. We could see the outline of our baby in the womb, see her little spine and arms and legs. The technician zoomed in and we could even see her heart pumping blood. Our baby moved her little arms and put her hands up to her face. We could see her swallowing amniotic fluid.

The whole thing was a bit surreal. My brain could no longer deny it–yep, we were parentsĀ and there was a baby inside me!

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