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Things to Do in Virginia Beach

My husband and I decided to take our daughter Emily on a last minute trip to Virginia Beach. I recommend going to Virginia Beach if you want a quieter, more family-friendly atmosphere. I have been to beaches like Ocean City, MD before and Ocean City is definitely more flashing lights, arcades, and geared toward younger […]

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Finding the Right Stroller

If you’re going to have a baby, there is a ton of options out there for strollers.  There are high end strollers you can get from Nordstrom that cost thousands of dollars, basic models from Target that won’t hurt the bank, and travel system combos that are in the mid-tier. What type of stroller you […]

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The Ultrasound

The thought, “Wow, I’m having a baby” didn’t really sink in until we went to the ultrasound at the radiology center. Up until that point, I knew I was pregnant but it just sort of felt like my stomach was getting a little fatter, that’s all. My brain was a bit in denial, I guess. […]

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